5 Common Gym Clothing Mistakes to Avoid

Every public space follows its own set of etiquettes, and that includes the gym. Gyms are one of the great places to meet different people. To make a good impression, wearing the right clothing plus good hygiene is a plus when you workout. It can also help you turn a few minutes of your workout into an enjoyable and comfortable one. Here’s how to gear up appropriately when going to a gym.

Wear Moisture-Wicking Clothes

Working out in a gym makes you sweat a lot. Wearing moisture-wicking clothes is essential to stay comfortable even while you sweat. There are tons of brands of workout clothes designed for its wearer’s comfort and they are usually made of polyester and Lycra blends. It works by drawing sweat away from the body and into the outer surface so it dries easily.

Wearing heavy cotton shirts is a big no-no when working out. Cotton absorbs and holds on to moisture so you’ll feel soaking wet after a few minutes of working out. Denim clothing is not recommended since it can cause chafing.

Wear Fit Clothing

When choosing workout clothes pick a size that fits just right. Very loose clothing makes you look smaller than your real size and it also restricts your movements. Choose a fit that has just enough space to make you move freely. Also, well- fit clothing makes you look more appealing by showcasing your body silhouette.

Don’t Wear Cologne or Fragrance in the Gym

We all want to smell great but putting on a fragrance when going to a gym is a great no. Aside from wasting your perfume since it’ll only get showered off after your workout, some people find string perfumes really annoying. Most gyms are closed spaces, meaning your cologne will linger around for too long. Sweat combined with perfume doesn’t smell that good either. By practicing good hygiene and wearing a fresh set of workout clothes every time you visit the gym is enough.

No to Flip Flops

Workout footwear gives you proper support and protection while working out. It also boosts your physical performance and reduces the risk of foot injury. Choose workout shoes that fit perfectly so you’ll be comfortable wearing them. Gym managers also appreciate it if you wear a different pair of footwear outside and change into your workout shoes as you arrive. This way, you help them maintain cleanliness by not bringing dust and dirt along with you inside the area. Make sure you match your footwear with your workout – if you’re lifting, choose weightlifting shoes, and so on.

Jewelry Off

Wearing jewelry in the gym is dangerous. Aside from the possibility of it getting caught up in equipment, you can also get injured when you wear them as you workout. Some jewelry also gets damaged by excess sweat and can cause allergies to some.

Make your session an enjoyable and fulfilling one by avoiding those common clothing mistakes. Aside from comfort, you can also enjoy a boost of confidence when you know that you’re not breaking any gym etiquette. Don’t forget to bring a towel.

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