Advantage of Buying Tops in Silk Fabric

Silk is famous for its lustrous sheen, unique softness, and the elegant feel. Once upon a time, silk was the most used fabric in the world. These days silk has given way to cotton and synthetic fabrics. Those who wear silk do it for the fabric’s luxuriousness. However, silk is a natural fabric that still offers many benefits for those who wear it. Silk is much more than its reputation and feel. Read below for several advantages of choosing tips in particular made from authentic, genuine silk:

Silk is Lightweight

One of the most lauded qualities of silk is its smooth and lightweight nature. You can wear a silk top and barely feel the weight. Therefore, silk is highly valued in the summer. During the warm months, people are advised to wear lightweight fabrics that don’t immediately cause sweating. With silk, you can be as comfortable as you want outside without ending up a sweaty mess.

Silk Naturally Controls Temperature

Silk as a fabric is famously known as an all-climate fabric. Thanks to the fabrics unique design, it’s good for both retaining and expelling heat. In winter, silk can be a cosy and comfortable fabric that keeps you warm despite the cold. In the summer, silk wicks heat away from your body thanks to its mostly sheer nature. The result is, you can wear silk comfortably during both cold and warm months. In the summer, in fact, silk is the second higher worn fabric. No other fabric delivers a similar effect. So, you can safely invest in a rose quartz pink shirt in silk without worrying about it going out of style the following season.

 Silk Doesn’t Chafe

Unlike cotton and polyester, silk rarely causes chafing due to its wonderful smooth nature. When you wear silk, the friction between the fabric and your skin is minimal. You can take a nap in a silk top and wake without that many wrinkles. If chafing has been a concern in the past, then switching to silk tops may help relieve the problem.

Silk is Hypoallergenic

Silk is one of the rare natural fabrics that is completely hypoallergenic. Silk fabrics naturally carry a residue known as sericin. It keeps silk free of mould, bacteria, and pollen that may cause allergic reactions. If you are looking for a hypoallergenic fabric, then silk really is the best choice. Silk also won’t inflame skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rashes.

Silk is a Breathable Fabric

A breathable fabric is a material that allows air to pass through without trapping heat or sweat. Silk is that fabric. Once more, this feature of silk makes it a highly desirable fabric in the summer. Silk also has the ability to wick moisture. Meaning, it keeps sweat away from the skin. Some synthetic materials trap sweat, but natural fabrics like silk are highly recommended for comfortable, sweat-free wear on hot days.

Lastly, silk is one of the most durable fabrics around. Mulberry silk, for example, can last decades with proper care. Silk threads are known to be quite sturdy as well, contributing to durability.


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