Causes And Solutions For Back Pain

Back pains and aches are becoming common to almost everyone in this era, due to prolonged periods of time spent sitting in one place without any activity. Sometimes, we let our busy lives get ahead of us and as a result of one of the more apparent outcomes usually appear the form of unbearable back pain. However, we cannot solely blame back aches on not being active for a long period of time. Studies have shown that wrong posture, avoiding warming down after strenuous exercise and many other factors may be the primary cause of back pain in many cases.

By understanding the root causes of back pain we are able to comprehend how best to heal it.


When engaging in physical activity, we at times tend to overexert ourselves. While this may improve our overall endurance and stamina, the same can’t really be said about our posture. In addition to this most athletes fail to warm down after physical activity, which then doesn’t give the tendons and joints in the body enough of time to cool down. In the long run this may result in backaches and various other muscle issues. Further for those who engage in weight lifting, not using the correct amount of weight and also the right technique can lead to severe and painful back issues in the future.

Ailments And Injuries

Another reason as to why back pains may exist is because of prevalent ailments and injuries. Our duty in these types of situations is to immediately get a check-up done by a professional orthopaedic professional. Some common ailments that you should be on the lookout for are, osteoporosis, cancer in the spine, kidney problems as well as arthritis. These medical conditions usually start with a slight backache thus it is advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Poor Posture

Maintaining the correct posture is an important element of getting our day to day activities done in an effective way. Even from the smallest movements of walking to lifting heavy objects, it is always important to maintain correct posture in order to avoid back pains and aches. Usually, back pain Gold Coast is primarily treated by ensuring that patients are not prone to maintaining the wrong posture. Even when it comes to sleeping it is important to sleep facing upwards so that the spine could rest in a more relaxed manner. It is always advised against sleeping with your spine facing upwards.

Solutions To Backaches

The solutions to avoiding or getting rid of backaches are quite simple. It all begins with maintaining the correct posture while attending to daily work. In addition to this it is also highly advisable to get massages and treatments every now and then as this helps with smooth blood circulation around the body. Physiotherapy is another option which is available to those suffering from backaches. Through physiotherapeutic exercises, your back ache will be gone in no time!

 While backaches can at times be inevitable, there are many remedies to solve it and if it turns into severe pain, your best bet is to and get it checked out by a trained physiotherapist.




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