How to Recover from a Foot Injury?

If you have injured your foot it is best to not to ignore it. Delaying the process of getting medical attention could result in your injury getting worse. Therefore it is best to visit a doctor as soon as you injure your foot.

Medical Attention

Spraining or twisting your ankle may seem like a small process however if even the smallest injury is neglected it could lead to more injuries and more pain in the future. Therefore if you were to injure your foot it is best to visit an Adelaide podiatry as soon as possible. Waiting could not only make the pain worse but it could do more damage to the foot.


Once you visit a podiatrist and once you have been given treatment it is important that you rest. If you are someone who is very active and restless then sitting in one place can be a task however, if your doctor tells you that you have to be off your foot as much as possible and if he or she suggests bed rest will do you good then you should try and stick to the doctor’s instructions.

Bed Sores

Even if your doctor tells you that you need complete bed rest and you need to be off your foot you should keep in mind that you can get bed sores. Therefore you should be mindful that you do move your foot around while on the bed just enough to ensure that you do not get bed sores.


After a certain period of time has lapsed and depending on the extent of your injury your doctor may recommend that you go for physiotherapy. The process may be painful especially in the beginning however, it is important that you stick to the process and that you are consistent. Consistency will not only make the process less painful overtime but it will also make your foot stronger.


The treatment you receive from your physiotherapist will likely be a fair amount of exercise. If your physiotherapist gives you a bunch of exercises to carry out at home then it is important that you not only carry out the exercises but you need to ensure that you are doing the exercises in the right manner. For example, if your form is not right while carrying out the exercise it could be harmful to your injury.

Therefore if you are not sure how to carry out the exercises then it is best to make sure that you ask your physiotherapist exactly how the exercise is carried out. It is also important that you ask him or her how many times a day you should carry out the exercise. This is important as it is vital that you do not overwork yourself. For example, if your physiotherapist tells you do carry out the exercises three times a day then you should stick to this number and not try and do it four or five times a day as this could result in a relapse.


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