Importance of Drinking the Right Amount of Water per Day

All of us who are try our best to follow a balanced diet or daily exercises are being told to not forget the amount of liquids or fluids we should consumer per day. But have you ever considered why do we have to drink that much for an entire day? Take a look at the following to see what the health benefits of drinking water are.

Energizing Muscles

Muscles need to maintain their fluid level and electrolytes in order to function properly and well. This is why it is required to take enough liquids before during and after exercising. Especially since working out is a time where you would sweat more, you will need to take adequate fluid intake in order to keep yourself from being dehydrated and too tired. Keep bottled water with you while you exercise so that you will not forget to drink.

Healthy Skin

You may have heard many beauty gurus mentioning how important it is to stay hydrated in order to have good skin. And they are right. Dry and flaky skin, wrinkles and shrivelled skin are all results of dehydration.  While moisturising lotions certainly does help, it is also important to hydrate your skin if you want to have that youthful glow on your skin and keep it looking plump and fresh. This is especially important on days where you have to stay out for longer times under the sun.

Help in Bowel Function

Adequate hydration is very important for good bowel function and preventing constipation. When the body is not hydrated enough, the colon takes water from stools to maintain the necessary level of hydration and as a result this complicates the bowel movements.  Adequate fluids in the body help to not only hydrate the digestive tract but also to use the fibre in food you consume to clean out the bowels.

Important for Kidneys

Last but not the least, drinking enough water helps to keep your kidneys clean. Water help the kidneys to remove the waste from your blood. It also helps the blood to travel easily to your kidneys by opening up the blood vessels and easing the blood flow. It is also important to remember that dehydration, when severe can cause kidney damage. While the adequate amount of fluids an adult should have per day is eight glasses, this also depend on factors such as the activities you do in the day or the weather. The more tired out you are or the hotter the temperature is the more you might need over eight glasses.

Overall, drinking enough water can help your body to maintain the balance of body fluids resulting in better bodily functions such as digestion or circulation. While you can still consume other drinks that are non-alcoholic and have less sugar and calorie to make up for the required amount of drinks per day, water is still the healthiest drink you can have in order to improve your physical health as well as appearance.




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