Key Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat the Right Food

One of the challenges of being a parent is getting your kids to eat nutrient and healthy food. Kids, especially toddlers and pre-schoolers, tend to be picky with what they eat and therefore misses on the basic nutrients that good food can offer.

Keeping your kids in line when it comes to healthy eating does not require you to be a professional or get a degree as a nutritionist. You can refer to some basic guidelines on how to raise kids who love to eat healthy. Here are some of them.

Hear the kids out

Even if you are the parent, it does not mean that you are always in control of things around the house all the time, and that includes the food your children eat. The starting point for making your kids eat healthily is knowing first what they want. From that point on, you can make creative ways of making their favourite food healthy. If they like cookies or cake, then maybe you can bake a carrot cake which is a healthier version of the dessert. In this way, they get to eat what they want the healthy way.

Starting at a young age

Even at a young age of 6 months when your baby gets to eat solid food for the first time, you can try to incorporate healthier choices of food in their diet. You can add vegetables and fruit and later on, when they start having likings of their own, you can begin to add healthier options over the usual sweets and juices. As kids grow older, they tend to get pickier with what they eat, and to keep them on the healthy habit, you can add different variations of the healthy food. Refrain from forcing your kid to eat, though you can ask them to try in small portions.

Make healthy food and snacks accessible to your kids

Sometimes, eating healthy becomes a pain because what is easily accessible everywhere are junk foods. To make your kids find eating healthy a better and more convenient choice, you can make your kitchen a kid-friendly place to go to. You may try installing under counter fridge to contain healthier snacks which they can access easily. These refrigerators are placed under counter tops and are almost the same size as your toddler or pre-schooler. If your kid would like to get vegetable juice, they can easily open the built-in refrigerator to get one. Since they find getting healthier snacks easier than getting junk foods which you can place at high places in your household, they tend to choose to get the healthier food instead.

Go easy on the sweets

Parents tend to give more sweets than necessary to kids and what do kids get as a result? They get cavity which then leads to toothaches and frequent visits to the family dentist. The concept of giving sweets as rewards or incentives for good deeds cannot be considered as a reward at all. Instead, you can make other things as an incentive such as treating your kids to a visit to their favourite amusement park or letting them choose what movie to watch on movie nights. When it comes to sweets, do not give them more than what is necessary or appropriate. You can reserve having sweets for special family occasions instead.

Getting your kids to have a habit of eating healthy food is not an easy task. Through constant and careful planning of your family’s food menu is the key to achieving success in your goal to have a healthy and happy family.

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