How to Overcome Fear of Going to the Dentist?

Fear is one of the biggest reasons why people put off going to the dentist. Some people even fear the mention of the word “dentist.” Avoiding the dentist could result in serious health concerns throughout life. Dental problems, such as gum disease, if unaddressed could lead to very serious health complications, like oesophageal cancer. Adults should routinely see dentists to maintain good oral health. Here are several tips for overcoming thefear of seeing a dentist so your oral health is not neglected:

Find a Dental Practise that Addresses Fear Concerns

There are excellent dental clinics that do address the fact that some adult patients are dead scared of going to the dentist. Good clinics, such as Artarmon dentists Willoughby, have anxiety relief programs that address these concerns. Find a dentist who is warm and welcoming and assuages your fear before you sit in the treatment chair. Some clinics even have offices specially designed to reduce fearful reactions. And it doesn’t even cost extra. So find a good clinic where your fear will be addressed.

Go to the Dentist with a Person You Trust

If you are with a friend or a family member that you trust, then you will be less fearful when you are at the dental clinic. You can make a request to have your friend or relative sit close to you if you are extremely anxious. A good clinic will accommodate a reasonable request like this.

Talk to the Dentist or Someone Else about the Cause of the Fear

Why are you so scared of the dentist? Is it the equipment that causes the fear? Perhaps a childhood visit to the dentist left you with bad memories. If you speak to your current dentist or another trusted person about the root causes of the fear, then you will be able to address it reasonably. Just talking about it may help as well.

Find Ways to Distract Yourself from Your Fear

When you are at the dentist’s office or the chair, distract yourself so you don’t think about being scared. A good method is to go to the dentist with your music player and headphones. Listen to music that relaxes you. Doctors recommend listening to new music so you pay attention to the unfamiliar lyrics and the beat. Some dentists have TVs in the treatment room. Watching TV is a great distraction from fear as well. You can talk to your dentist about distractions that will be appropriate in the clinic.

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Use a Relaxation Technique

The point is to stay relaxed during the procedure. You can try various relaxation techniques that prevent you from breaking out in cold sweat. Controlled breathing is a great way to relax before the procedure starts. Tensing and relaxing muscles is also known to slow down a rapidly beating heart. You can also try listening to your heartbeat or other noises outside the clinic.

If none of the above techniques work, you might want to consider seeing a psychologist who can treat dental phobia. Counselling and therapy for dental phobia include techniques that gradually reduce your fear at the dentist. For example, if it’s the needles that scare you, therapy would involve introducing exposure in a very controlled manner.

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