Specializations In The Psychology Field

Deciding on a course to take up in college can be a difficult task to do. There are tons of courses to choose from and you have to reflect on yourself on what you really want to be in the future. If you want a college program that can open up doors directing to various career paths, then a Psychology degree is the one for you.

Even though you can always shift your priority later on, it will be highly advantageous to your future occupation if you make a decision about the field of Psychology that you want to focus on as early as you enter college. The following are a few specializations that you can choose from when you pursue a degree in Psychology.

General Psychology

It gives general information regarding all the areas and sub-areas of Psychology, as well as the historical background of the course. It deals with basic principles, feelings, memory, learning, thinking, processing, intuition, insights, intellect, and human development. If you are planning to become a teacher in the future, then this major will be the most helpful to you.

Developmental Psychology

In this major, you will study the human development and growth of a person, with the main emphasis on early development during the childhood years, and how it will influence a person later in their life. Although it initially focused on infants and children, this field of Psychology has widened and now includes adolescents, adult development, aging of a person, and the whole lifespan. 

Clinical Psychology

This field of Psychology focuses on the medical aspects of Psychology, with the emphasis on treating different physical and mental health conditions and illnesses such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, neurological disorders, and so on. You have to work with children, adolescents and adults, as well as families, couples and groups.

In order to treat your client, you also have to partner up and work with other professionals such as social workers and psychiatrists to deal with your clients’ problems. Since this specialization is a bit more complex than the others, continuing professional development is required in this field. You can always attend clinical psychology workshops to make up for that requirement. It will help you gain more knowledge and skill that will benefit your future clients.

Counseling Psychology

It concentrates on counseling techniques and theories in treating various groups such as children, adults, couples, families, and domestic violence and sexual abuse victims. As a counseling psychologist, you will use psychological theory and research to help your clients with a range of tough life issues and mental health conditions. It may include traumas, relationship problem, bereavement, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and so on.  

Forensic Psychology

This area of specialization deals with Psychology in the criminal justice field. Your work will primarily refer to the examination and treatment of criminal behavior. You will work with offenders and criminals as well as with other professionals working in the judicial and correctional systems and the casualties of the crime. Other responsibilities in this job include criminal profiling, providing court evidence, advising parole boards, rehabilitating prisoners, and supporting and coaching other personnel. It can be challenging, but if you’re willing to assist and understand wrongdoers, you can succeed in this field.

The sooner you decide on a specialization, the quicker you can concentrate on your future career. Choose wisely.




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