The Path to Maintaining a Nutritious Diet for Athletes

If you think that nutrition for athletes is a rocket science due to their physical activities, then you are mistaken. In fact, nutrition for athletes does not differ a lot compared to an average person. However, there are subtle differences since an athlete’s nutritious lifestyle should be geared towards the competition-ready physique. So are you still not convinced yet? Then read on to know the details on how athletes can upskill themselves in terms of nutrition.

Balanced Diet

Cliché as it may seem but this advice never goes out-to-date. Food is fuel. Doing numerous rounds of training will not be of any help if you feel hungry and weak. You need the energy to keep you through the vigorous training, hence, there’s a need to maintain a balanced diet. Such a diet requires you to cut your food into three portions. One quarter or roughly palm-size should be for the lean protein, which includes fish and chicken. Another quarter or roughly fist-size should be for your carbohydrates like rice. Finally, the last portion, which is equivalent to half of your plate, should be reserved for your vegetables. If you still feel hungry afterwards, go for fruits or salads.

Pre-Exercise Meal

Your pre-exercise meal varies depending on your scheduled workout. If you prefer morning workouts, then you should eat a light breakfast like an egg, fruits, or toast. However, if you like to have afternoon workouts, your lunch meal should comprise of complex carbohydrates food such as pasta, fruits, and vegetables. You can also add some protein to your lunch. There’s no rule on what your pre-exercise meal should be as this varies depending on the athlete. Try a variation to see what suits you best.

Before Workout

Roughly 30 minutes before you do your workout, a light snack is highly advisable. If you intend to have a light workout like aerobics, it is best to have a trail mix. However, if you will have a hard-core workout, it is best to eat something a little heavy like banana, granola bars, or graham crackers to keep you through. Then again, you can ask Sports Dietitians Sunshine Coast for advice on what to eat a few minutes prior to workout. Regardless of it, do not forget to drink some water for hydration purposes.

During Workout

If you are working out for an hour, you basically don’t need to eat anything. However, if you intend to workout beyond an hour, it is best to hydrate every 15 minutes. Eat a little carbohydrates if you are working out for more than 90 minutes so you have ample energy.

Post-Exercise Meal

Drinking water is a strict requirement after a workout. You should replenish everything that you sweat out. In fact, for every pound of lost weight, you should replenish such with 3 cups of water. If you had a hard-core exercise, make sure to eat within two hours after the workout. During such meal, maintain a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein to restore your strength.

If you’re an athlete, maintaining a nutritious lifestyle shouldn’t be a problem as long as you follow these tips!




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