Things to Do Before Your Baby Is Born

If you or your best friend is going to have a baby, then here are a few things you need to do:

Get Some Couple Time Alone

You would have heard couples complaining that they barely get time to spend with each other after their baby was born. This is something that happens to everybody when the baby is born both the parents get super busy looking after him/her. This is why before your delivery you should spend as much as time you can with your partner. This will help to rebuild your bond and bring you two even more closer. So you could surprise your friend by gifting her vouchers of a getaway and do the same when you are pregnant as well. However, even once the baby is born make sure you and your partner make time for a date night without the baby because it is equally important to spend time with each other as a couple.

Shopping For the Baby

When you find out that you are pregnant you could buy things for yourself such as pregnancy pillows to ensure you are comfortable throughout. Two months before the delivery one could start shopping for the little one as well as yourself. This is because you are likely to gain weight and your old tops might no longer fit you. So you could invest in stylish maternity wears which would make you look good. Apart from this, you should also buy the cot, clothes, napkins and other essentials for the baby. For yourself, you could get feeding tops, loose pants and so on. If your friend is pregnant then you could take her for shopping, that way she would get to choose whatever she likes and you could pay for it. Don’t keep the shopping segment towards the end as the mother might not be able to enjoy it.

Baby Shower Is a Must

If your best friend is pregnant then you will have to surprise her with a baby shower. It is important to keep this as a surprise and not throw any hints in order to surprise the to-be mother. Make sure you organize the games such as dirty diapers, guess the food and other interesting games. You could also include your friend’s husband so he could help you with hosting the party.

Treat Yourself

Pregnancy can be really stressful especially because you will be going through a lot of different phases. There will be days where you will have mood swings, mental breakdowns and all this is normal. However, it is important to surround yourself with people who bring happiness and joy in your life. You should also treat yourself by going for pampering sessions at spa and salon makeups. Also if you feel that your workload is too much then you should consider taking a break. This is because stress isn’t good for baby so try to relax as much as you can.

Lastly, record your pregnancy most people record their baby bumps every month to see their progress. You could also go for a photo-shoot to capture this beautiful phase in your life

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