Tips for Staying Safe and Taking Care of Yourself

The world we live in fast turning into a very scary place. There’s always crime talked about in the local news, and it can be very frightening and unsettling. Here are a few tips to keep you safe and well-protected.

Avoid Putting Yourself in Dangerous Situations

We understand that no one voluntarily puts themselves into danger. However, there are certain things and situations we can easily avoid. For example, avoid working late if you will be working along, or with someone you instinctively feel uncomfortable of. Instead of taking public transport or walking, consider using a taxi app that can be tracked down. It’s also important that you don’t carry a lot of cash on you, or that you try to fight your attackers for your valuables. Money can be earned…a life cannot be brought back.

Prepare Your Mind

We are firm believers to the fact that a strong mind can conquer almost anything. If you let the fear of what you hear on the news bother you to the point where your fear interferes in your day-to-day living, then you have already lost to the situation. Instead, strengthen your mind so it doesn’t panic if faces situations as such. Try your best to keep a clear mind, you can let loose once you’ve reached safety. If you can’t fight it, find the safest way to escape the dangerous situation.

Strengthen Your Body

Thanks to how busy we are with work and other commitment, most of us don’t even bother to strengthen our body. As a result, we tire out easily, even after a small sprint. To ease your mind of this worry, start working out. Find a suitable gym and work out in brunswick east. Hiring a personal trainer has many advantages; the most prominent being they teach you to work out the right way. This makes it less likely for you to injure yourself, even if you are a complete novice.

Give Your Body the Self-Defense Training It Needs

Now that you are confident you at least have the body strength to escape from a dangerous situation, your mind will be in more peace. To add to that peace, consider signing up for a self-defense class in your locality. Without a doubt, taking these lessons don’t mean you can fight off dangerous people; but it gives you a chance. If possible, take these lessons with a friend or your significant other. This will strengthen the bond between you as well.

Carry Around Things That Can Be Used As Weapons in Times of Need

We are in no ways encouraging you to carry a licensed gun or a knife. Not only can you potentially harm yourself, but those things can also be used against you in certain situations. Instead, carry around an alarm whistle or a pepper spray. Avoid talking of it for the element of surprise. Even something as simple as an umbrella or a heavy handbag can be useful to you when fighting off an attacker. If possible, avoid wearing shoes that make it hard for you to run, or slow you down on the days you know you’ll be working late or walking home alone.

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