What Are The Best Ways To Treat Crooked Teeth?

Buck teeth or crooked teeth can cause a lot of stress for school children and adults alike. After all, out smile plays a huge role in our social interactions. Severely crooked teeth may affect speech and your ability to bite as well.

Crooked teeth are traditionally treated in childhood. But if the problem wasn’t completely fixed back then, there is a range of treatment options now available for adults with crooked teeth. Here are some of the best known ways to address the issue:


Braces were the traditional method to fix crooked teeth. And it still is the most popular way to permanently fix crooked teeth. However, unlike in the days you were in middle school, the looks and feel of braces have completely evolves.

These days you can get barely there braces that don’t look conspicuous. There’s also Invisalign to consider, brand name for a type of brace that looks completely transparent. It doesn’t look like you are wearing any braces at all. You can find local invisalign MacKay centres to get this treatment at an affordable price.

However, if the buck teeth is severe, you would still need old-style orthodontics that does look conspicuous and may feel slightly uncomfortable. On the plus side, you may only need to wear these for a handful of months before you can graduate to something more comfortable and inconspicuous like Invisalign.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are a popular cosmetic dental procedure usually used to fix the colour and shape of teeth. To be certain, veneers don’t actually “fix” crooked teeth. However, you can use a veneer to make out of shape teeth appear more normal.

A veneer is essentially a thin shell of porcelain (or a similar material) that a dentist “pastes” on the surface of your teeth. The dentist would have to scrape off a small part of your enamel to apply the veneer. The veneers are attached with the assistance of a laser, so they stay on for years without needing replacement.

Veneers might be suitable for mild cases of crooked teeth or if the misalignment only affects one or two teeth. However, a veneer cannot fix overbite or under-bite. These can only change the way your smile looks.

Dental Crowns

Dental crows are like a tooth-shaped cap for your teeth. Crowns are typically used as part of an artificial tooth to fix tooth gaps or missing teeth. However, crowns are also used to change the appearance of crooked teeth.

Like veneers, dental crows can make misaligned teeth appear less so. These don’t permanently fix crooked teeth. But the cosmetic procedure is worth considering if appearance is the main concern, and not functionality with biting or speech.


Dental surgery is not commonly recommended to fix crooked teeth. In some extreme cases, however, surgery is essential to permanently fix and overbite or an under-bite. Surgery can fix crookedness caused by issues like overcrowding, where a dental surgeon will remove extra teeth.

Orthodontic surgery for teeth straitening is still a minor type of surgery. Recovery shouldn’t take a long time. You will need to consult with an orthodontic surgeon to know if this is an option for you.

The best way to fix crooked teeth is braces, but there are cosmetic options patients can consider. Ask your dentist what treatment best suits your scenario. Crooked teeth are unique, so you will need an individual assessment by a medical professional to choose the best option.




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