What To Do And What Not To Do When Starting A Fertility Diet

There have been many cases of not being able to conceive children due to poor health in many people. It’s important to keep our bodies rich with the necessary vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis but if you are someone who looks forward to being a parent one day then there are a number of things you can do to increase your fertility through your diet. There are also a number of things you most certainly shouldn’t do as well. Here are a few such points;

Eat Plant Based Whole Foods

When practicing a healthy style of eating as well as focusing on improving your fertility it’s a must to have meals comprising of plant based foods. They are the ones richest in vitamins and nutrients and will cleanse and strengthen your body beyond what you can hope for. For example a few of the food you might want to consider can namely be; sunflower seeds, soybeans, tofu, pumpkin seeds, almonds, green vegetables and so on and so forth. By practicing a balanced diet comprised of these foods you can ensure a healthy and fertile future for yourself.

Eat Dairy Products

Dairy products have been known to improve many of the fertility issues. While this does not necessarily mean ice-cream fiestas it’s a good idea to incorporate some yoghurt and cheese to your daily diet. However make sure that dairy is not allergic to you in any other way that may cause problems for you.

Do Not Consume Alcohol Or Smoke

This is the biggest no-no. As any fertility doctor Melbourne would point out alcohol decreases the chances of conceiving by a landslide. It’s not just important to cut off alcohol once you fall pregnant it’s important to consider it beforehand as well. Alcohol and smoking reduces and destroys a considerable amount of nutrients that aid fertility in your body and reduces the sperm count of men. With your body falling prey to the toxins that alcohol and smoking carry, longtime usage will make it very hard or even impossible to conceive a child in the future. Therefore, it’s important to stay away from these substances as much as possible if you dream of becoming a parent somewhere down the line.

Avoid Genetically Modified Food

Another must avoid when you’re trying to retain your fertility and overall health is genetically modified food otherwise known as GMO foods. There have been records of sperm count in men who have been exposed to these foods drastically dropping to about half. These foods include fruits that may have been genetically modified, foods made by animals injected with growth hormones, fat free food such as corn starch etc. There are of course many other foods that fall under this category which can be revealed with further research but it’s important to note that it’s essential to stay away from them in order to ensure a healthy and fertile diet.

Having a child of your own is a dream many of us possess. In order to make that dream a reality, we must follow a healthy lifestyle. These are only a few points to guide you in the right direction.




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