Why Office Massages are Becoming Mainstream Nowadays

Way back before, you have to visit a spa to get the relaxing benefits of a massage. However, busy workers don’t have much time to drop by their favourite spas. Hectic regimens and schedules often leave these employees stressed out and frustrated with their life.

Modern companies felt the need to de-stress their workers to keep them more active and productive at the workplace. They do this by having an office massage. Also known as corporate massage, a client is massaged in his very own workplace. You can choose between a chair andtabletop massage, depending on your needs.

Frequency of Corporate Massage

  • Corporate Massage Program – If you want to give the employees a regular dose of relaxation, plan a massage program. A massage service is scheduled to visit your office on certain days such every week, once a month or even several times a week. This is great for very busy workplaces where employee burnout is always possible. Most companies include this in their company routine to keep their workers more focused, productive and positive in dealing with their responsibilities.
  • Corporate Massage Event – Companies often use this as an additional activity for events such as health awareness day, summer party, or any fun gatherings. It is only done one-time and employees get to enjoy a relaxing massage for a few minutes. Always choose the best if you’re looking for workplace massage services for guaranteed employee satisfaction.

Benefits of Corporate Massage

Aside from helping your employees relax and unwind, here are other non-physical benefits of an office massage.

  • High productivity – Stress-free workers are more productive because they can do their job properly without being disturbed by bodily aches and pains. They can also focus more on their tasks and have a positive vibe that comes with a good
  • Employee retention – Employers usually use corporate massage as an incentive for their workers. Employees feel that their wellness is valued in their workplace so they tend to stay and work there longer.
  • Lower costs in healthcare – Maintaining the well-being of employees makes them feel good both physically and emotionally, thus, reducing sick days and healthcare costs.
  • Lower overuse injuries –Working on a computer at an office desk is one of the main causes of repetitive strain injuries. Having a scheduled massage eases tension in the muscles keeping them safe from strain injuries.

Tips on Starting a Corporate Massage Program

First determine your aim. Knowing your objective helps you outline the perfect program for your company. Do you aim to provide relaxation or provide injuries? Your massage therapist works with every need of your employee. Next, plan the duration. On extra busy days, you can give longer massage durations for your workers. You can also offer more massage time for employees who are assigned to more stressful duties. Corporate massage companies schedule their sessions that fit your company’s needs. You can also schedule the sessions during breaks or free time so it won’t disrupt their work.

Most employees just get on with it and conduct a massage program in their companies. Everyone deserves a break and nobody could ever resist a relaxing massage session amidst their busy day.

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